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Product Details


ENOLUBE - RAWPOWER C14 is a universal fleet engine oil that is blended using high quality hydro-cracked base oil. With the high level of anti-oxidation properties plus a premium core additive package, Can dramatically reduce carbon deposits, therefore greatly reducing oil consumption. This allows the oil's drain interval to be extended much longer than conventional mineral based diesel engine oils. It provides shear stability.

Main Benefits

  • Minimizes oil consumtion, long drain intervals
  • Provide advanced bearing protection
  • Protection of highly stressed piston rings and cylinder liners
  • Exceptional protection of valve train systems used in modern diesels
  • Satisfying most diesel engine OEM oil demands
  • Neutralizes acids from high sulfur fuel
SAE Viscosity
10W/40 15W/40 20W/50
Viscosity, cST @ 100 °c 14.50 15.00 18.50
Viscosity Index 147 140 128
Pour Point °c -36 -30 -27
Flash Point COC °c 212 220 232
TBN ASTM D 2896 11 11 11
Apparent Viscosity - Cp 6500 -25°c 6200 -20°c 7800 -15°c

Enolube Lubricants & Grease is a brand established with the aim of responding to our customer requirements in an efficient, dynamic and cost-effective way.