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Product Details


ENOLUBE-RAWPOWER CH4/SJ is an advanced, world capable diesel engine oil that has been formulated specifically to meet the requirements of US, Europe and Japanese design emission engines. It provides fuel economy, high wear and protection and long drain capability. General applications include long distance trucking, earthmoving, off highway and stationary plant operations where engines are run under the most severe conditions.

Main Benefits

  • Formulated for extra high engine loads
  • Minimizes oil consumption
  • Neutralizes acids from high sulfur fuel
  • Longer drain interval and prolong engine life
SAE Viscosity
10W/40 15W/40 20W/50
Viscosity, cST @ 100 °c 14.50 15.00 18.50
Viscosity Index 150 140 127
Pour Point °c -33 -30 -27
Flash Point COC °c 212 220 232
TBN ASTM D 2896 11 11 11
Apparent Viscosity - Cp 6500 -25°c 6000 -20°c 7800 -15°c

Enolube Lubricants & Grease is a brand established with the aim of responding to our customer requirements in an efficient, dynamic and cost-effective way.