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Enolube Lubricants & Grease is a brand established with the aim of responding to our customer requirements in an efficient, dynamic and cost-effective way.


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Diesel Oil


ENOLUBE - RAWPOWER C14 is a universal fleet engine oil that is blended using high quality hydro-cracked base oil. With the high level of anti-oxidation properties plus a premium core additive package, Can dramatically reduce carbon deposits, therefore greatly reducing oil consumption. This allows the oil's drain interval to be extended much longer than conventional mineral based diesel engine oils. It provides shear stability.


ENOLUBE - RAWPOWER CH4/SJ is an advanced, world capable diesel engine oil that has been formulated specifically to meet the requirements of US, Europe and Japanese design emission engines. It provides fuel economy, high wear and protection and long drain capability. General applications include long distance trucking, earthmoving, off highway and stationary plant operations where engines are run under the most severe conditions.


ENOLUBE - RAWPOWER CF4/SJ is a High performance Diesel; low ash diesel engine oil blended with only highest quality mineral base stocks and high technology core additive package. It is a multi-grade oil of API CF4/SJ level for use in almost all kind of turbo charged heavy duty diesel engines. Has a stable viscosity index improver that does not shear off under severe operating conditions.


ENOLUBE - RAWPOWER CF/SF is a high quality diesel engine oil designed to use in naturally aspirated and turbo charged diesel engines. It is formulated using high quality base oils with detergent, dispersant,anti-wear, anti-corrosion and antifoam additives to give the benefit of neutralizing acidic byproducts of combustion. Can be used under severe service condition in truck and buses. It is used in both two-cycle and four-cycle engines,extending life between overhaul in high speed/load, pickup delivery operation.


ENOLUBE - RAWPOWER CD/SF is a very low ash lubricant, ensuring minimal crown land piston deposits and to prevent top ring carbon build up. Specifically, this product has been formulated to take account of the need for oil which will provide excellent valvetrain wear protection and at the same time combat the likelihood of engine cylinders becoming "Glazed" underless severe operating conditions.


ENOLUBE - RAWPOWER CC/SC is a high performance, mixed fleet, low ash mono-grade automotive engine oil. Designed for a wide range of diesel and petrol engines, which operate under severe service conditions.Originated with highly refined base stock and efficient additive technology that gives good overall engine cleanliness and reduces wear of loaded components under all conditions.


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